Mid-West Industrial Chemical Co. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified, manufacturer of industrial adhesives, sealants and coatings which are custom formulated for specific customer manufacturing operations in the US and Abroad.

Your Adhesive Manufacturer Since 1931

Established in 1931 as a family-owned adhesive manufacturer in St. Louis, Mid-West Industrial Chemical Co. offers superior products and services.  Because of our over 83 years of combined experience, our hands on technical sales team has a comprehensive knowledge on a wide array of specific functions, materials and applications.

We use only high quality raw materials to make over 2,000 custom formulations and serve over 331 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) customers under our Vangrip trade name.

Industrial Adhesive Manufacturers Provide Formulas to Fit Your Needs

Our industrial adhesives include these types of adhesives: water based adhesive, urethane adhesive, neoprene adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive. We also provide industrial glue, sealants and coatings. Whatever solution your adhesive needs to solve, we have you covered.

Need Better Moisture Resistance? Try Our Water Based Adhesive

Our formula for a water based adhesive has improved moisture resistance compared to adhesives that are directly soluble in water. This type of adhesive is perishable, however, and extended storage is not possible.

Create an Elastic Flexible Bond with a Urethane Adhesive

A urethane adhesive creates an elastic, flexible bond with is durable, and impact resistant. This adhesive hardens quickly.  A downside of these industrial adhesives, however, is that they require moisture to work. Working in low-humidity environments, might mean choosing a different option.

Mid-West Industrial Chemical: Your Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturer

If your need an adhesive that’s going to respond to pressure then you should choose a pressure sensitive adhesive. This type of adhesive does not solidify and often remains tacky or viscous. It also doesn’t perform well when not at room temperature.

Create a Strong Bond With a Neoprene Adhesive

A neoprene adhesive is one of a number of contact adhesives which are used to create strong bonds with high shear-resistance. Because of its natural ability to bond, you don’t have to apply pressure for a very long time before this industrial glue creates a strong bond.

Manufacturing Adhesive For Over 80 Years

We have spent the last 80 plus years manufacturing adhesive. Our formulas have stood the test of time, but we are always looking to improve. Because of our decades of experience and our excellent relationship with our raw material vendors, we pride ourselves to produce and ship the majority of our products within 3 to 5 business days. Give us a call if you have questions on any of our industrial adhesives.

Choose Midwest Chemical for Your Next Industrial Glue Need

Not only is Mid-West an industrial glue manfacturer, we are also a full service customer relational corporation who puts the customer needs first so you will get what you asked for and get it on time!

Contact us today by phone, email, fax or via this website contact us page for all your adhesive, solvents and coating needs.